Benefits of Attending

Below are a few bullets you can use to explain the benefits specific to attending Devoxx US.
Why you want to convince your boss to send you to Devoxx US:
Why your boss should send you to Devoxx US:
  1. Awesome speakers, awesome topics. This will help you advance your personal knowledge.
  2. Most of the talks are very hands on – they get to the “how-to’s” that really matter.
  3. The hackathon, BoFs and other events mean you get to meet face-to-face with technology leaders.
  4. The exhibit hall gives you a chance to find out specifics about what’s new with all the market leaders.
  5. Devoxx is one of the coolest developer events anywhere – the social events are famous for the casual atmosphere, quirky fun, and great beer (hey, it started in Belgium!!).
  1. The vendor-neutral environment creates the best atmosphere for learning and collaboration among professionals.
  2. You will become the innovation agent for your organization. As the agent, you will provide the most innovative business solutions to ensure your firm is always one step ahead.
  3. Devoxx US is affordably priced to ensure it’s accessible for all developers.
  4. Unique opportunity to learn from technology leaders from Google, IBM, Oracle, Square, Pivotal, and many others – all in one, cohesive program.
  5. The international audience provides a range of diverse experiences enhancing your best practices.
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