Devoxx US Community Bursary

Do you want to attend Devoxx US,
but need some help getting there?

Apply for a Devoxx US Community Bursary!

The Devoxx US Community Bursary, sponsored by the Eclipse Foundation, is intended to help remove some of the financial barriers associated with attending Devoxx US.

The Eclipse Foundation recently announced a new initiative to grow and support open source projects, and to initiate an outreach program directed at  new developers in communities all over the world. As part of this initiative, and in conjunction with hosting and operating Devoxx US, we are proud to introduce this Bursary Program.


Who is eligible  to receive the bursary?

The Devoxx US Community Bursary is designed  to support members of the development community who would not otherwise be able to attend the event. The bursary is open to anyone, but preference will be given to those who are either currently enrolled in full time studies, or are  members of an organization whose primary role is to help enhance the careers of developers from underrepresented communities.


What is included in the bursary?

The bursary includes an all  access pass to Devoxx US, and to either Eclipse Converge or Eclipse IoT Day. The bursary does not cover the cost of travel, lodging or other personal expenses.


How to Apply?

You must apply for this bursary.To apply, please send an email to, and in your email please include the following:

  • A short bio of yourself
  • A short explanation of why you should receive the bursary
  • An explanation of your current activities
  • A brief explanation of what you hope to achieve by attending the event, including an overview of any specific aspects of the program from which you hope to learn


Who can apply?

Anyone may apply, though preference is given to full-time students.

Applications close March 10, 2017.  Recipients of the bursary will be informed on March 13, 2017.

All recipients of the Eclipse Community Bursary must agree to have their name published by the Eclipse Foundation as having been a public recipients of the bursary.


Thank you for applying. Applications are now closed.
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